Monday, January 28, 2013


The response to our large style pallet signs has been overwhelming to say the least.  Pictured below are the two styles that are currently being sold.

Pinterest has been a huge spring board for these signs being such an enormous boost for our little shop.  As of January 2013 they have been pinned over 140,000 times and growing by about a 1000 per week!  Thank you so much!!  We are truly humbled and are so grateful to all of you who are making our hobby a success.

This next image gives you an idea of how BIG a 24x44 sign is.

Two styles:
1. Welcome Friends & Family
2. Welcome (cursive)

Dimensions: 24x44
Price:  $89  Shipping: $43
(Shipping US ONLY via FedEx - BOXED)

Welcome Friends & Family Pallet Sign
Category: DIY - Hand Painted Sign
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If you are local, we can schedule a pick-up location.  Plus, check our booth at the Antique Depot.  Often we have these sale priced for $69, but check often because they don't normally stay too long.

Please keep in mind that no two signs will ever be the exact same.  They are all hand-painted & hand distressed.  Pallet wood will also vary in color.

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