Thursday, July 25, 2013


I love the bones of this dresser and how the front was the perfect canvas for a logo, however we needed more storage space if we were going to use this for our paint display.

Lucky for me I married quite the handyman, so he built a hutch.

* Sorry for the quality of the pictures in this post,  my camera phone is terrible & I was too lazy to grab the real one! *

We thought about putting crown molding around the top, but decided to use the molding that matched the dresser that we ripped off the headboard that matched the dresser.  Follow me?  LOL

I won't bore you with lots of in between pictures.  Here's how it turned out.

We used a quart of BLACK TIE for this project and still had paint left over.  (The back is painted as well.)  

I ♥ how we can store paint brushes, paint inventory & other paperwork in the drawers.  We are working on a couple of other small pieces of furniture to display other colors in the paint line & hopefully I can share those soon.

There are color samples at the Brocante Market if you are interested in seeing the colors up close.   We will also have the new color EDEN soon!

Brocante Market - 101 W Rogers Blvd, Skiatook, OK. 

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