Wednesday, October 2, 2013

PLASTER PAINT PROJECT: Hello Kitty Sidetable

I ♥ when I find something via the web that inspires me to the point that I am excited to start a project.  Honestly, I'm always a little excited to get started on a new project but on this one I couldn't wait to get started and had so much fun painting Hello Kitty! LOL

Isn't it fun?!

We started with a very basic, beige laminate side table, not chic or cute in any sense of the word.

I used Plaster Paint in Jewel and painted two coats.  Then I used a yardstick/tape measure to draw a grid on top for my chevron pattern.

Need an easy to follow tutorial for creating a chevron pattern?  HERE!

Here's what it looked like after I had my chevron pattern taped off & painted in.  TIP:  Pull off your tape before your paint dries & use the green frog tape.

For the chevron pattern I used Plaster Paint in Ivory Lace.

I searched the web and found the same silhouette my inspiration had used and transferred that image on top of my side table using the pencil method.

Then just filled it in with Plaster Paint in Black Tie and some simple acrylic red & yellow.  My side table also had a middle shelf so I typed out the words, "Get your NERD on!" and added that to the shelf.  

Here's my finished project.

We found the cute little crystal heart knob at Hobby Lobby.  ♥ that place!

My inspiration came from Shabby Loco & you can check out her cute little table here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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